Our Systems

We build our computers with two things in mind; our customer’s budget and the performance of our systems. Although we would all like to have the fastest computer on the block, we realize that most people can’t afford to lay that kind of money down for a computer system. We don’t claim to offer the fastest systems on the planet; we do however offer a great system, with all name-brand parts, for a reasonable price.

Because we’re a small company, we can’t offer 24-7 technical support or free upgrades out the wazoo. We can provide however, great systems with great support. One of the benefits of the smallness of our company is the individualize support you’ll get. The technician that walked you through the sale and built your system will most likely be the one that helps you when and if a problem arises.

Frankly, we’re amazed at the amount of unnecessary junk programs that are included with factory built PCs. Most of these programs offer very limited offerings and sole reason of being on the system is to get you to upgrade to the full version software. Although, now it is getting out of hand, we’ve even seen icons that you can’t easily delete. It’s ashamed when you have to spend hours un-installing and configuring this unreasonable amount of junk software when you purchase a new factory built pc. That’s why we started our business. We sell great systems that aren’t ‘bogged-down’ with junk software and startup applications.

Every one of our systems are assembled by hand in Brazil, Indiana. We spend the time to actually install Windows off the CD rather than imaging it from a master drive; this allows us to further insure that the hardware of the system is working correctly, so we can reduce the chances of passing a bad machine to our customers.

We also tweak Windows with a more customer friendly approach. We purge unnecessary files, applications, ads, or trial versions of software from our systems. Unlike the major manufacturers, We do not use our new computers systems as an advertisement for other companies.

The start menu and program listings are greatly cleaned up and start-up programs are heavily reduced (We only have the programs and applications that are needed in order for the system to function running. There will not be a full taskbar of startup programs.)

By using several ‘freeware’ Counter-Spyware applications, we help our customers reduced their chances of receiving viruses and malicious code through the internet.

We want you to brag about our computer systems, to show them off to all your friends; so if there is any reason you’re not happy with your computer, we want to know… we want to fix it.

Thank you for considering us as your next system builder.