We here at XCaliber Systems pride ourselves on our top-notch services. We offer many different services ranging from system construction to web development; with a competitive, budget friendly price tag.
Here’s a list of the current services we offer.

System Construction and Implementation

Need a new computer? XCaliber Systems can build a great performing system for your home or office or an entire lab of stations for your small business! We also specialize in Gaming Systems. Discounts for multiple system purchases!

Computer Repairs & Upgrades
Have an older system and need an upgrade or repair? We can handle it. We service all major makes and models of Windows based PCs.

Computer Consulting
Confused? We can help your business choose the systems and products that meets your needs and that will help return the maximum on your investment.

Web Development & Design
Need a website? Got a website? We can create, maintain, or give your current website a new fresh look.

From simple one page additions to a complete managed solution. We can also train you to maintain and update your own website!

Wired / Wireless Networking
Share files, share printers, share a broadband connection. We install both wired and wireless networks. From secure local networks to public hotspots, we can manage it; or better yet, let the network manage itself!

Hardware / Software Training
With the constantly changing world of technology; it is easy to get behind the times. Since we keep up with all the latest advancements in computer technology we can train you in both hardware and software of some of the latest computing developments.

LAN Parties.
Got game? LAN Parties are the bomb. We can arrange private and even public LAN Parties to show off new technology, promote your business, or just to have fun.

We support any IBM Compatible (PC) Computer Running Microsoft Windows 95 OSR2 or Higher.