Computer Repairs and Upgrades

Need your system repaired? Maybe you want to extent the life of your system with an upgrade? We conduct system repairs and upgrades to all makes and models of Windows based PCs.

From simple maintenance to complete system overhauls, we can make your sick system in many cases, better than new!

In the case of an upgrade, we’ll track down compatible parts (even proprietary ones), give you the price and our recommendations. Many items in a computer are upgradeable, but sometimes older systems are hard to upgrade due to obsolete hardware, weak power supplies, and discontinued manufacturer support. In some cases, it’s actually cheaper to buy a new system than upgrade an older one… But we’ll still give you options and won’t force our new systems upon you.

Sample Repair and Upgrade Estimated Price List.*


Bench Fee
Maximum 20 minutes – $ 15
The bench fee is what we charge to ‘take a look’ at a computer problem. The bench fee is good for around 20 minutes of trouble-shooting. Normally, we can figure out what the problem is without much investigation and report back to you the cost associated with fixing the condition. Occasionally however, problems or a combination of problems are hidden beyond the initial troubleshooting and require more time to solve (see hourly rate below). The bench fee can be applied to any component, system, or service purchase within 48 hours of the invoice.

Data Recovery (Working Drive Condition)
Starting at $ 15 per 1024MB (1GB)
We most likely can extract data on a hard drive that is no longer able to boot into windows. The extracted data will be burned onto CDs or DVDs depending on volume. Although we will run updated virus checking software and counter-spyware software on the data being extracted; we cannot guarantee it will be virus free. If you old hard drive was infected with malicious code, it can be transferred to the new storage media. You assume all risks with the use of the extracted data. This service is NOT pro-rated. Minimum $ 15 dollar charge applies. Keep in mind, most of the content of you hard drive is system files and applications (for example an 20GB hard drive may only contain 5-10GB of user files).

Data Recovery (Failed / Damaged / Destroyed Drive Condition)

Hard drive crash? Need your data?
We can save it!

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DriveSavers has specialized in recovering lost data for more than 14 years and has a success rate over 90%. The company recovers data in as little as 24 hours from all operating systems and storage media including hard drives, floppies, CD-ROM, removable and magneto-optical cartridges. DriveSavers is authorized by all hard drive manufacturers to open sealed drive mechanisms without voiding the original warranty. They are known worldwide as the most trusted and respected company in the industry. Visit their web site at to learn more or…

Call Drive Savers Directly at: (800) 440-1904.
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If you need assistance removing and shipping your hard drive give us (XCaliber Systems) a call at: (812) 442-5544.


Spyware / Virus Removal (Win32 / Win64):

Starting at $ 25 per hour.

Hunting for viruses and spyware on a system is a time taking procedure, that often requires broadband internet access. For that reason, this service is no longer available on-site. You must have your computer picked-up or deliver it to our location. If this service fails to remove your problem, we can apply the costs of this service to the operating system re-installation price below (Re-installation service must be purchased within 48 hours for credit to apply). Windows must be in a bootable condition for use to check for viruses and/or spyware. If windows is no longer bootable, recovery of your hard drive data (such as photos, word documents, music, etc.) can normally still be performed. For rates on data recovery see above.

Operating System Re-installation (Win32 / Win64)

Starting at $ 25 per hour.

Reinstallation of the operating system is normally considered the last resort; it can however be the quickest and easiest way to remove viruses, spyware, and Trojans from your system. It does however require that all data (you wish to keep) to be backed up and every program (you wish to keep) to be reinstalled onto your system. Locating CDs and License keys for the software you wish to have re-installed on your system is troublesome for most clients; but it is impossible to re-install the software, including operating systems, without license keys. Some people ‘borrow’ software (such as office applications) from friends and family; and do not have the original CDs, nor due they own the licenses to these titles. This is software piracy and we will not be a part of it.

Keep in mind that most software manufacturers only allow you (legally) to install one copy of software onto one unique computer system. Example: One copy of Microsoft Office 2003 only allows Office to be installed onto one computer system. We cannot and will not install a single license copy of a software program onto multiple systems at the same time.


System Memory Installation
Normal Price $ 15
Upgrading system memory is a fairly straight-forward process. Only takes a few minutes.

IDE / SATA Device Installation (CD, DVD, Hard Drives, etc.)
Single Device Installation $ 15-25
Complex installations (such as RAID configurations) carry additional fees.
RW Drive installations include installation of authoring software if applicable.
HDD Installations due not include data installation, recovery, or transfers.

Floppy Disk Drive (FDD) Installation
Normal Price $ 15
Can you believe it? A piece of equipment that is more than a decade old and it is still being used? Amazing.

Graphics Card Installation (AGP, PCI, PCI-X)
Starting at $ 25
Kick up your gaming and graphics with a new graphics card! Every card we install supports dual monitors! Yep, hook two monitors up to the same system! Two monitors greatly increases your productivity. We can even install addition PCI or PCI Express graphics cards in your system to allow the use of 3+ monitors!

Modem / Network Interface Card Installation
Starting at $ 15.
ISP account settings must be provided to technician.
Does NOT include setting up outlook or other email clients


Hourly Rate (Off-Site)
$ 35 per hour / per technician

Hourly Rate (On-Site)
$ 45 per hour / per technician

Other Devices and Components also installed!
We can replace anything in your computer!
Ask for a quote today.

*Please keep in mind, these prices are estimates – the actual cost can be cheaper or more expensive depending on the complexity of your situation. Prices are for services / installation only. They do not include hardware, software, peripherals, shipping/handling, or applicable taxes. On-Site upgrades and repairs carry additional fees; please ask you support technician for details.