About Us

About Us

XCaliber Systems is family owned and operated computer business operating out of West-Central Indiana. We offer a wide range of services. Our skilled employees have dozens of combined years of experience in system construction, web development, computer networking, LAN / Internet based gaming, troubleshooting, multi-media content creation, and also have experience in many other fields.

Although we started XCaliber Systems in June 2003, the business has its history traced back to 1995. In the mid 90’s my family started an internet service provider in the small town of Brazil, Indiana. As I helped out at the ‘shop’ I was unwittingly receiving the critical computing skills that I would later develop into my career.

We sold our ISP in the late part of 1998 to another computer company. But I continued to maintain a network of 4-5 computers at our home. The network grew and grew to the point that we were buying a new system every 3 months. At this rate, I figured that I should look into building systems for myself. My first ‘home-built’ system went to my sister (she still uses it today), that system was followed by many others fileservers, gaming servers, workstations… I was building so many systems for my network, that guests and visitors were asking me to build a ‘custom’ system for them. That’s how it starting… This is how it’s progressing.

Now the business is growing so rapidly, it’s hard to keep on top of everything. Thanks to my Lord, friends, family, and complete strangers; the business is prospering – so much in fact that I’m training my techie friends and family to become a part in daily operations.

Although currently we only have a few family employees and several ‘part-time freelancers’, we are quickly getting to the point of actually hiring someone.

We’re not just building systems anymore – We’re doing networking, training, servicing, websites, and offer many other computer related products and services. Shoot, just this month (July 2004); we rewired an entire building for phone service.

Please consider us as your for all your computing needs!